The Skala group consists of Skala Prosessteknikk and 8 other companies, in which Skala Prosessteknikk has a major interest. These companies complement Skala Prosessteknikk´s products and expertise and together we represent an exciting network of skills for our customers. 


Together we provide a unique range of products and services to the Norwegian food industry. In addition to Skala Prosessteknikk, the Skala group also comprises:

Skala Fabrikk a specialist manufacturer of farm milk tanks, transport tanks and other stainless steel products, with the food industry as its main market. Landteknikk also manufactures specially constructed products for different customers, and is a subcontractor for other production companies.

Skala Foodtech  is a supplier of production equipment and processing lines for the meat and fish processing industry. The company represents a number of leading international suppliers in this area.

Skala Robotech is a Norwegian engineering company that project designs and supplies robotics and material- handling equipment to the food industry and other industries. The company holds the Norwegian agency for Motoman – the world’s largest manufacturer of robots.

Skala Maskon develops and produces solutions and special machines for robotics and automation in the industry. Material-handling and vision-based technology are some of the core areas. Maskon provides everything from pure consultancy-based services to customised solutions.

Garos AB 

develops salting systems, tumblers, and brine/marinating injectors for the meat, poultry and fish industry, and provides everything from solution development to installation and  start-up. The company produces and delivers to customers all over the world.

Stigebrandt Hydroteknik AB is an engineering company within environmental technology. The company specialises in cleaning industrial and municipal waste water and has developed a range of patents in this field.

Forberg international Forberg ® Twin Shaft Mixers, Dryers, Vacuum Coaters and other special machines in use within the processing industries, food/feed/chemical/fine chemical/and building industries worldwide.

3TS AS specialise in industry assembly for the food industry, and other industries with specific requirements.