We offer preventative maintenance, service/support, spare parts sales and training, so that you get the most value and yield of the delivered solution.



The value of preventive maintenance and inspection should not be underestimated. Skala Robotech has a highly qualified staff with employees who know exactly what is needed for your facility to perform optimally at all times. This applies both for service carried out at customer site and for phone support.

Skala Robotechs service phone is serviced 24 hours of the day
For enquiries regarding service, support or spare parts please use our service phone: +47 32 24 06 26 or e-mail: tony@skala.no


We offer a variety of different training solutions, and is very flexible in terms of content and execution. Some of our customers want a very basic courses, while others have a need to learn a little bit more or have special requests related to their facility. We always find a solution. We have training facilities equipped with a classroom and a separate robot cell dedicated to training. This allows us to perform "hands-on" training, which is often the most effective. We also on many occasions perform training at coustomer site.

For enquiries regarding training, please contact one of the following:
Tony Thoresen, Service Manager Phone: +47 915 67 289 - tony@skala.no
Trond Teigen, Robot Engineer Phone: +47 924 58 128 - trond.teigen@skala.no